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My intention in creating this website and blog, is to help Sierra Canyon, Somersett, and nearby Reno Residents, get the most out of their computers and mobile devices.  I think we can all agree that computers “should” make our lives easier and more enjoyable, while they help improve communications between both individuals and businesses.  How on earth did we find service providers before the internet?  And shopping online has certainly become invaluable to us in getting the items we need in an inexpensive and efficient manner.  Unfortunately, along with the added capability and efficiency, the complexity of maintaining and simply using your electronic devices has become increasingly difficult.  Not to mention the ever increasing risk of hacking, viruses, malware, and personal information privacy violations.

Most of us need HELP in keeping a handle on all of this.  I continually read information and blog posts on the latest computer software innovations, as well as the latest in security and anti-virus/malware breeches and hacks.  I often struggle with the same problems you do, my Internet Service Provider is providing lousy service, my computer has a virus, my printer has disconnected, my anti-malware didn’t catch the latest nasty script, one of my websites got hacked, or that new software I just installed is not working correctly!  We all need to keep learning and do our best to keep up with technology AND our kids & grand kids.

I want to help you use your computer & mobile device more effectively, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you.  My services include everything from “how to use your web browser”, to “helping you build a website/blog.

I offer a completely “custom” approach to computer help.  Most IT (Information Technology) and Computer Tech Support organizations, like Geek Squad, will only help you with your hardware and network connection issues.  They don’t like to touch your personal data, and they don’t help with Applications such as Internet Browsers, Word, Excel, Google Photos, Facebook, etc.  They also won’t spend time talking to you about how to use your computer more efficiently, what Apps might make things easier for you, which Apps are better than others, etc.  They won’t explain technology to you, and they won’t teach you how to manage things on your own!  If they come to your house to help set up computers or audio/video equipment, it is also quite expensive.  They charge a much higher rate than I do, and they have limited skill sets and are not always patient.

Here’s how I work:

  1. I chat with you on the phone or over email regarding the issues that you are having, what kind of devices you are using, and what your objectives are.
  2. I try to determine immediately if I can help with your issues, or if you might need to seek other help (like if your problem is related to your ISP and you need to call them).
  3. If I determine that I can help you, we set up an appointment for me to come to your house.  The only way to see your particular issues in action, are to see them in your environment.
  4. At your house, we address each of your issues one at a time.  I can either fix or set up things for you, OR, I can teach you as we go so that you can do it yourself in the future.  Some people want to learn, and others just want it fixed!  For example, if you want to learn how to use Social Media (e.g. Facebook or Nextdoor), I would need to teach you how to post, upload photos, etc.  If I just set it up and leave, you won’t get anything out of it!  Same goes for organizing your files, or using your browser more efficiently, or installing/configuring new applications.
  5. I do not charge if I cannot help you with your issue.  Sometimes, this happens!
  6. When we have addressed all of your issues, I will charge you an hourly fee based on the amount of time I have spent with you.  I can take a check, cash, or you can use a credit card.  I will prepare an invoice for you if you wish, I invoice from PayPal.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay, you can use a credit card.
  7. If there are outstanding issues (for example, if I need to do more research on a topic), I will follow up with you later via email.  If we need to schedule another visit, that can be done, as well.
  8. I will send you a follow up email within the next couple of days to ask you if everything was taken care of to your satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied, I ask that you please give me the opportunity to return and resolve it satisfactorily.  There will be no charge for this follow up visit.  I want my clients to be happy and satisfied with my help.

Please go to my Services Page to view the topics and issues that I can help with.

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