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There are several important dates coming up next week!  Be prepared by reading the summaries below the dates so that you are informed about what decisions are being made, and how they will affect the Board elections and candidates! 

  • November 13th Board of Directors Meeting @ 5:30 p.m.  

Please arrive early and submit a form which will allow you to voice your opinion at the beginning of the meeting regarding items on the agenda.  More information on why, to follow… 

  • Friday, November 22nd at 10:00 a.m : Budget Ratification Meeting 

Meeting Tomorrow

  • Friday, November 22nd at 10:00 a.m : Budget Ratification Meeting

News Bite 1: “The appointment of a New Board Member” on the BOD Meeting Agenda

There is a lot of concern regarding this agenda item, and how this appointment will negatively affect the operation of the Board prior to the new Board Election, as well as the election itself.  There is a post on Nextdoor by Rob McGushin which clearly explains this issue and what it will mean for the community.  Below is a quote from this post, followed by a link to the Nextdoor post where you can read it in its entirety.  If you are unable to read the Nextdoor post, please send an email to: admin@sierracanyonshare.com OR fill out the contact form on the Imagine website home page: https://imagine.SierraCanyonShare.com 

“With four open positions to be decided in the upcoming election culminating at the Feb 12th board meeting,Margaret and I adamantly object to the board appointing a director to fill the open position resulting from Steve’s resignation.  

First,with the resignation the board continues to have a quorum to resolve any voting issues.  

Second, there are only three board meetings scheduled (including the Nov.13th meeting) prior to the election meeting. In addition,as discussed at a current board meeting, the December board meeting would most likely be an open forum with discussions between the community and the board , therefore not being an official business as usual meeting. 

Third,and most important, any appointment of a director for the remaining term would and should be considered an endorsement of a candidate for the upcoming elections, a truly prejudicial move by the board heading into an election for four positions. 

Read the full post and the comments here: 


News Bite 2: See why your HOA dues are going up 19.8% from last year’s budget, even WITH the $200,000 from Western Development. 

On Nov 2, there was a 2020 budget presentation at the Lodge.  Sierra Canyon’s dues will be increasing from $110 to $124 a month, next year, would you like to have an explanation?   

We cannot publish actual numbers here, as they are not necessarily public information, however we can identify the trends. 

  • SC is forecasted to spend significantly more in 2019 than what was budgeted.  Why? 
  • Compensation (amount spent on Lodge employees) will increase significantly in 2020!  Do you think we need more Lodge employees?   
  • Professional fees in 2020 are increasing significantly! What is included in professional fees other than lawyers?  

So what happened at the Budget and Finance and Board Presentation Meeting?  

More was spent this year than budgeted due to: 

  • Significantly more spent on goats than forecasted 
  • Significantly more spent on irrigation repairs 
  • Professional fees (lawyers) were significant due to lawsuits. And, even MORE is budgeted for next year.  

We believe that the Board Members should attend the Budget & Finance Meetings and presentations so that they can be aware and informed about how our dues are being spent!   

The 2020 Budget has been approved by the BOD, but not ratified.  The Budget Ratification Meeting has been moved to Friday, November 22nd at 10:00 a.m  

It has been suggested on Nextdoor and elsewhere that the Budget Ratification should be DELAYED until the new Board is in place!  This makes a LOT of sense, especially since the existing BOD is planning on “appointing” a replacement for Steve Guderian!  What do YOU think?  Did you know that the Homeowners can actually REJECT the Budget? It’s not easy, but it can be done! 

Do you have questions or comments?  Want more information? 

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