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Meeting Tomorrow

  • Friday, November 22nd at 10:00 a.m : Budget Ratification Meeting

Summary from previous News Bite

 1.“The appointment of a New Board Member”

Even though a large number of community residents expressed concern over the appointment of an interim director (to replace Steve G.) at the beginning of the Board meeting, the Board appointed this director anyway.  Reasons for NOT appointing an interim director seemed very well thought out and logical.  Clearly the Board did what it wanted, regardless of the opposition.  The Board appointed Jim McKee to temporarily fill the vacant director position.  It is not clear if he will run for the Board or not, would seem like he’s already got the support of the current Board, since they saw fit to appoint him.

Do you think the Board is interested in the concerns of a significant number of Residents who present their viewpoints at the beginning of the Board Meeting?   Are they “listening” and responding with a counter argument, justifying their decisions and in this case appointing an interim director?  Or are they just ignoring what is presented and following their own agenda?

2. See why your HOA dues are going up 19.8% from last year’s budget, even WITH the $200,000 from Western Development.

There clearly was a lot of concern expressed over the budget and the increase in dues.  It was suggested that the ratification of the budget for 2020 be delayed until the new Board is in place and residents may question what has already been voted on by the current Board.  Since the ratification meeting is tomorrow (Nov 22nd), clearly that concern was ignored and unless a majority of residents show up at the meeting and oppose the budget, it will be ratified as scheduled.

New News Items

1. An “Ad Hoc” election committee has been appointed. We aren’t sure what decision making criteria was used to choose those members, that wasn’t made clear to those that applied.  It was suggested that the “selection criteria” be published so that candidates would know why they were/weren’t chosen.  Of course this didn’t happen, so it appears that the committee members were subjectively chosen.

Do you think that this is a fair process for selecting members to serve on a very important committee that affects ALL residents?  Some secret set of subjective rules for choosing whomever the Board wants?  Aren’t committees supposed to be representative of the entire community and also bring value and experience to such a committee?

Strangely enough, 4 of the 5 selected live in Village 10.  Is it coincidence that Chippy and Steve G. (previous President of the Board who recently resigned) also live in Village 10?

2.  Another person was banned from the Lodge for a month, for failing to “sign in” a third time in a single day (that’s right, a THIRD time) upon entering the Lodge.  This person is VERY involved in activities and classes at the Lodge, it is the crux of their social interaction in the community.

Do you think banning a person from the Lodge for a MONTH is a reasonable sanction for a very minor infraction like signing a piece of paper for the 3rd time in a day?  Apparently the Board does, because they imposed this sanction, and made life very unpleasant for a valuable member of our community.  Who makes these rules????

3.  Policy on campaigning:

The Management published a Policy on Campaigning for Board Elections, Removals and Ballot Questions.  Most of it is a restatement of NRS 116.*, and has to do with rules for campaigning and advertising.  Although campaigning and placing posters or flyers is totally restricted at the Lodge and other “common areas”, private communications and meetings are not restricted (and shouldn’t be, as it is our right).

We, as residents, are not “allowed” to use the Association’s website or other official publications for campaigning.  Be advised that this website is NOT affiliated in any way with the Association, nor is it “an official publication”.  It is strictly opinion and is informational only. So continue to look here for germane information!

If you wish to read the Policy, in its entirety, it is in the “Board Packet” for the previous Board meeting, and is most likely available at the Lodge.

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