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The SC Imagine group was formed to foster a positive change in the community, starting with 4 new Board Members.  With these 4, the community can seat a majority on the Board, who can then work on changing/improving the Management Team/Staff so that they work for the good of the community. We would like to affect a change in the BOD’s operations which promote open, transparent communication and more fiscal responsibility.

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New News Items

1. The Ad Hoc Election Committee is not making any bones about their objective: to completely control the entire election/campaign process.  Who delegated so much power to them?

Shouldn’t each candidate have the freedom to disseminate their platform and ideas to the community as they see fit?  Isn’t this part of our freedom of speech? 

Here is a quote from the official Ad Hoc Election Committee minutes

Home meetings are not sanctioned by the Association or Board, however, what takes place in
private homes cannot be stopped. As a committee, we need to determine how we will address this to
ensure all candidates are receiving the same exposure to resident questions and opportunities.

Our commitment, as the election committee, is to ensure our next Sierra Canyon election
process is fair, unbiased and handled accurately and professionally across the board.

Why is it the “Board Appointed Committee’s” charter to ensure all candidates receive the same exposure?  That’s not the “election process”, that’s the “campaign process”.  They shouldn’t have the right to control the amount nor type of exposure that candidates disseminate during their campaign.  That’s a vital part of the Homeowner’s decision making criteria.

Sure, they should make darn sure the “election process” is fair and unbiased, but in no way the campaigning process.  Clearly this committee is trying to overstep its bounds by “addressing” what takes place in private homes.  And clearly, their intention is to somehow curtail it.  By their own words.

2.  We believe the Board and Management should focus on encouraging the use of the Lodge facilities, classes & groups, instead of taking these privileges away from the Residents.   We would like to elect new Board Members who restore these privileges and remove the unjust practices that are currently being imposed by the current Board.

The current and previous Board have been making rules and taking actions which do not seem to be in the best interest of our community:

Who appointed the Board and Management;  lawmakers, judge, jury and police?

It certainly wasn’t the community.  Let’s review.

The Lawmakers: In late 2018 the SCA BOD enacted a new Policy entitled “Resolution of the Board of Directors of Sierra Canyon Association Concerning Bullying and Unauthorized Interference with the Association Contractors or Employees”, to be incorporated with the SCA Policies, Rules & Guidelines.  It appeared that the purpose of this document was to incorporate the provisions of Nevada Law NRS 116.31184 “Threats, harassment and other conduct prohibited: penalty”, into a formal SCA policy document, along with some added provisions and penalties.

Why did the Board need to “rewrite” and provide further policies to the SCA Policies Rules & Guidelines instead of letting the law speak for itself?  So that they could then give themselves the powers of judge, jury & police, of course.  Also, they could include a vague addition of “interfering with work” as a violation.  How dare you “interfere” with the Management Company’s employees who actually work for you?

The Judges & Jury: Because the Board wrote the new Policy into the SCA Policies, Rules & Guidelines, they thus gave themselves the right to make judgement on the “guilt” of the party accused, in a closed door hearing.  Failure to show up at these hearings, is an automatic admission of guilt.  In addition, the Board gave themselves the right to use YOUR HOA MONEY to pay the lawyers required to represent THEM, should someone actually contest their accusations and violation notices.  Meanwhile, the accused has to hire their OWN attorney at their expense.

This actually was the case in one instance that we know about.

The Board votes on the “guilt” of the person accused, of course there is no jury comprised of the peers of the accused.  The Board also votes on the “sentence”, including banning from the Lodge, and also imposing fines.  To make it even worse, the accused gets to pay all attorney’s fees if found guilty .  Does something smell rotten here?  

The Police: Well we probably need go no further with this explanation, but here we go.  Clearly the Board has imposed their sanctions on Residents, including banning from the Lodge and imposing fines, as well as demanding reimbursement for attorney’s fees.  The Lodge attendants and Management Staff are notified to refuse entry to those who have been banned.  In addition, the Management Staff is also granted the right to write violations for Residents.   Indeed, they are the police.  

Do you believe any of this is fair by any stretch of the imagination? 

Is this the kind of community that you wish to live in? 

Should the Board have so much power over the rights and privileges of the residents? 

Did you get to vote on whether you wanted this kind of policy written into the SCA Policies, Rules & Guidelines?  Did the Board make clear to all of the residents that they were incorporating this policy with a clear description of the ramifications?

We think not!

If you wish to get a copy of this particular SCA policy, I’m sure you can ask at the Lodge, and they will happily provide it.

Do you have questions or comments?  Want more information? 

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