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Welcome to Sierra Canyon Share

A Community Platform Designed to Facilitate Communications! Notify residents of local community events Give residents a web place to share information and voice their opinions Provide bloggers & writers a venue to publish Provide a marketplace for buying/selling/trading Allow special interest groups to organize [...]

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News Bite 4

First 4 Change News Bite The Imagine Group Has Disbanded Imagine reached its goal and has identified new candidates to run for the Sierra Canyon Board.  These candidates are interested in making a significant change to the Management and Governance of our Community.  If you [...]

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News Bite 3

We believe the Board and Management should focus on encouraging the use of the Lodge facilities, classes & groups, instead of taking these privileges away from the Residents.   We would like to elect new Board Members who restore these privileges and remove the unjust practices that are currently being imposed by the current Board.

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