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Many people ask how to create a “group list” or “mailing list” in Gmail.  It’s really quite simple, it just isn’t obvious, because Google has chosen the terminology “label” instead of “group”.  🙂  So in Gmail, think of “Labels” rather than “groups”.

Here are the steps with screenshots:

1) Open the Google Contacts Page. You can get there from your Gmail page, just select the “Google Apps” icon in the top right corner, next to your profile picture (or circle with a letter in it), then select the Contacts App.

Geek-ette Google Apps Contacts


2) Put your cursor over the contacts that you want to add to your “group list” (Label). When you put your cursor over the contact name, the profile icon (circle with a letter or picture in it) changes to a square checkbox.  To add that contact to your group list (Label), just check the box.  You can add as many contacts as you’d like.

Geek-ette add contacts to Group List

3) Click the “Labels” icon located at the top left of the screen. When you click this icon, a menu will appear asking you to choose an existing label to “add these contacts to”, or to “create label” if this is your first label.  Click on the Create Label button.

Geek-ette Gmail Create Label

4) Enter a name for your Label, in this case Emeralds, and click “Save”

Geek-ette Create Gmail Label

5) You will now see your new Label “Emeralds” saved under the menu to the left which shows your Labels. You can see Emeralds has 2 contacts in it.

Geek-ette Gmail Labels List

6) Now return to the Gmail App by clicking on the Google Apps icon, and selecting Gmail

Geek-ette Google Apps Gmail

7) Click on the “Compose” button to compose a new email.  In the “To” line, type in your new Label (group), in this case Emeralds.  As you begin to type in your Label, you will see that the email addresses of the Contacts that you added to your Emeralds Label, will populate the field.

Geek-ette Gmail a Label

8) You can now write your email Subject and Text, and send it off.  It will be sent to everyone in the “Emeralds” Label.  When your recipients receive the email, it will not disclose all of the email addresses individually, it will show only that the “To” field is “Emeralds”.

This is a GOOD WAY to protect your list’s email addresses.