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Services Offered :

Call me, or send me an email to talk about your problems, projects, and goals.  Use the form to the right or use your phone! 

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Have a new computer and need help setting it up?  I can provide any/all of the following:

  • Copy files/photos from current computer to new one
  • Set up access to email with your preferred email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo)
  • Connect all external devices like printers / scanners
  • Install new software such as Microsoft Office
  • Install / configure Anti Virus, Anti Malware
  • Install / configure PC optimization software
  • Install additional browser (Google Chrome if you already have Edge).  I recommend having at least 2 browsers installed, in case one doesn’t work.
  • Set up backup to external drive
  • Set up Cloud backup
  • Customize your desktop and give you a quick lesson in Operating System (Windows 10) and managing files

Do you want to stop paying for Cable TV and get streaming capability instead?  It will save you a lot of money!  Don’t worry, it’s legal, and everybody is moving to this configuration.  Spectrum and AT&T are charging TOO MUCH for regular old TV!  Stop wasting your money on HBO, Showtime, Starz and those other has-beens.  Watch Netflix or Amazon Prime Movies on your TV.  Call me and I will explain how it all works and what you can expect.  You don’t need a “Smart TV” to use a streaming box, you simply need an HDMI port on the back of your TV.  What’s an HDMI port look like?  Here you go:

Need help connecting your devices such as phones / printers to the WiFi?  The most common request I receive is to help connect printers / scanners.  Often times the printer shows “offline” or the correct driver is not installed.  I can not only fix your problem, but show you how to fix it yourself the next time!

Did you know that you can print from your tablet or phone?

It is usually easier to drive your printer / scanner from your computer than the other way around.

Are you getting the performance for which you are paying?

Can you save money on your services by asking for a change?

Are there better choice alternatives for your current package?

Is your computer properly protected against Viruses, malware and other malicious software?  I will make sure your computer has the proper software installed, and will also configure it to run on a regular basis.  Many people don’t realize that there is a difference between Malware and Viruses, and that they need to protect against both. If you don’t currently have software to address these problems, I can recommend a solution to meet your requirements.

Can you afford to lose your files / pictures?  If not, then you need a robust backup process.  There are many choices, such as Cloud backup (Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud), or external hard drive.  Industry standard is 2 backups (in case 1 fails), but your situation may not require this.  I will help you set up a backup scenario that will keep you from worrying about losing your files.

Did you know that the BEST defense against Ransomware is to have an online backup of your files?  Of course you want your anti-virus / malware to be stopping it before it infects your disk, but if you have a safe copy of your files in the cloud, you will breath more easily knowing that you can recover WITHOUT paying.

Did you know that there is software available that can help speed up your computer?  In fact, there is some really good “freeware” out there!  But there may be other reasons your computer is bogged down.  I can show you how to determine what is bogging down your system, and then make intelligent decisions about speeding it up!  Don’t put up with a slow computer!

I can help you setup, customize, and optimize your browser.  I will also show you some tricks to make it easier to use. I can also help you use email more efficiently, and how to print, download, attach, link, and other fun stuff.

  • Do you have a favorite Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer)? Should you have more than one browser?  (Hint: YES!)
  • Are you comfortable navigating around the internet for Search, Shopping, Social Media, etc? Do you know the difference between a “local application” and a “web application”?  Does it matter?
  • Do you have your favorites sites bookmarked, and do you know how to edit/change those bookmarks?
  • Do you use multiple tabs to make access easier?
  • Do you use “browser add-ons” and do you know how to get rid of them if they are taking over your browser?

I have a extensive background in using the Microsoft Office suite of tools.  So if you have questions on how to use these tools, or need help with setting up templates, I am there for you.

Microsoft Office isn’t cheap, are you aware that there are FREE alternatives?  My favorite alternatives are  Google Docs, Google Sheets, & Google Slides.  A big difference in getting used to these applications is that they are “web applications” as opposed to local applications.  Let me help you get started with these tools if you no longer pay for Microsoft Office….

Do you like creating things with your photos (such as slide shows, DVDs, cards, etc.)?  Or just want to know how to transfer them from your phone/camera to your computer.  At least you want to make sure you have backup copies so that they are never lost!

I can help you with the following:

  • Photo transfer from phone/camera to cloud & your computer (most phones are already set up to automatically safe images to the cloud, but do you know how to access them?)
  • Photo editing with Photoshop or Google Photos (it’s fun and easy!)
  • Scanning old photos and saving them to the cloud or computer or external drive.
  • Uploading images to a Website such as Walmart for printing or Photo Gifts / Cards
  • Creating Movies using Windows Movie Maker (yes, it’s still available for Windows 10)

Some people just don’t want to use Social Media, and that’s perfectly understandable.  But some people use Social Media to keep up with family members, to communicate with special interest groups, and to voice their opinion in forums.  The younger generation says “Facebook is for old people”, and I might agree with that!  But you can set up your Facebook account to be relatively secure, and only interface/post with friends and relatives.  You might also be interested in joining Nextdoor, the neighborhood Social Platform.

I can help you set up an account on Facebook/Nextdoor/Instagram, etc., and get you started with “the basics”.  How to post, reply, join groups, attach photos, and more….

My other job is a website developer. I have experience with setting up and promoting blogs and other types of websites. I built the Sierra Canyon Website that came out in June of 2018.  It was a useful and well designed platform before Sierra Canyon Management let it fall apart and become a boat anchor.

Blogging with WordPress is not out of reach for most people, nor is it expensive.  If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress with some guidance.  I can help you create your blog, and learn how to post, promote, and gain a following.  I can also teach you how to set up an online store with Facebook, Etsy or even eBay!

If you are a crafts person, and want to sell your creations, then Etsy may be perfect for you.

If you want to blog about your passion, I can help!

Call me and let’s chat….

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How To Setup Chrome Remote Desktop for Geekette Support2019-12-04T15:35:40-08:00

Sometimes when you have a question or problem, it is REALLY difficult to explain it to somebody over the phone.  If it’s just a quick question, you might not need to set up an appointment for me to come to your house and look at it.

What’s the answer?

Google Chrome Remote Desktop!

What is it?  It’s an app that you can install in your Chrome Browser that will allow me to remotely log in to your computer (with your permission), and actually view your desktop and see what’s going on.  I can also take over your computer as if I was sitting in front of it and had access to the keyboard and mouse.  And help you answer your question, or resolve your issue.  All remotely!

I use this Chrome App instead of one of the more popular remote desktop apps (like TeamViewer), because it is FREE!  TeamViewer and LogMeIn are quite expensive for a subscription, and I would need to charge you more money.  So for now, we can both save money and use the Chrome App!  It is easy to set up, and I am willing to help you if you get stuck.

How to Install & Use Chrome Remote Desktop

  1. You must have the Chrome Browser installed on your computer/device in order to use this App.  Most people already have Google Chrome Browser installed, the icon looks like this:chrome browser install Geekette
  2. To download Chrome, type the following URL into your current Browser (perhaps you have Edge or Firefox):

Click on the “Download Chrome” blue button:

geekette download chrome

b.       Click on the “Accept and Install” blue button

c.      You will get a message that says you have chosen to open ChromeSetup.exe which is the installer.  Click on the “Save File” button, which will download the installer to your Downloads Folder (or whatever location you have chosen to save your Downloads).

geekette run chrome installer

d.       Access your Downloads Folder, and double click on the ChromeSetup icon (this will launch the installer).

geekette launch chrome installer

e.       You will get a window asking if you will allow Google Chrome Updater to make changes to your device.  Select “Allow”.

f.      The installer will run, the Chrome Browser will be opened, and you will be taken to the page.

g.       If you already have a Google Account (gmail), you can login (or if you are already logged in) and skip to step 3).  If you do not yet have a Google Account, you must create one.

h.      Type the following URL into the address bar at the top of the Browser Page:

Geekette create Google Account

i.       If you want to create a gmail account (I suggest you do because it’s a great email client), then fill out the Name fields, and select a Username.  You can pick any combination of letters, numbers & periods.  Remember that simple Usernames like are probably already taken.  So choose something that is not likely taken.  For example, your first name and last name separated by a period.  i.e. .

j.      Type in a Password that conforms to the instructions given.

k.       Confirm that password

l.      If the username is already taken (like, Google will tell you that it is already taken, and give you some other suggestions:

Geekette create google account

m.       Try another username and type that into the Username box and type in a Password.  When you get a successful Username, you will arrive at the following screen:

geekette google dual authentication

n.       You must provide a valid phone number OR Recovery email address (an email address different than the gmail one that you are creating), so that you can recover your password when you lose it, and provide security for your account.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.  Type in all of the information.

o.      Google will now ask you to verify your phone number and will send you a text.  Go ahead and click on the Send blue button.  A Verification code will be TEXTED to your phone.

p.       Type the verification code into the box and click Verify.  If this isn’t a mobile phone, or you don’t know how to accept a text (or read one), click on the “Call instead” blue link, and Google will call you to give you the verification code.

q.      Once you have verified your phone, on the next screen, click the blue button ‘Yes, I’m in” to get more from your phone number.

r.      Agree to the Privacy and Terms

s.     You now arrive at the following page which is your Google Account Management Page:

Geekette Google Account Page

t.       Go to step 3)

3)  Type the following URL (address) into the Address bar of the Chrome Browser as shown below:

If you already have a Google Account (gmail), you may already be signed in.  If you came from step 2), you will be signed in with your new Google Account.

Geekette Remote Access Start

a)      Choose a name for your Computer, and click on Next.

Geekette Chrome Remote Access Name

b)      Choose a new PIN, containing 6 or more digits.  Make sure it is easily remembered, as you need to be “online” with this App when you call me.  Then click Start button.

Geekette Remote Desktop Choose PIN

c)      Allow the App to make changes to your device when prompted.

d)      You are now here:

Geekette Remote Desktop Online

e)      Click on the Remote Support Tab, and give me a phone call!  Once we are connected by phone, you can click on the “Generate Code” Green Button.

Geekette Remote desktop generate code

f)      You are now ready to give me the code so that I can connect to your computer.  This access code is only good for 5 minutes, so if we don’t connect within the 5 minute timeframe, you will need to GENERATE CODE again.

Geekette remote desktop access code


CONGRATULATIONS!  You are ready to go with Chrome Remote Desktop!!!!

Now you are ready to use the Chrome Remote Desktop App any time you want.  Click on the icon up in the top right corner as shown in the following screenshot:

How to Attach a Photo to a Post or Comment on Nextdoor2019-12-04T15:36:05-08:00

How Do You Attach a Photo or Document or Video to a Post or Comment on Nextdoor?

Photo or Document

You can only attach a file of type “.jpg, .png, .gif or .tiff” to a Nextdoor post.  You can’t attach a PDF.  If you want to attach a document that is PDF, perhaps you can take a photo of it with your mobile phone, and then you will have a .jpg format.  Photos can be a maximum file size of 7MB.

A maximum of 21 photos can be attached to an original post.  Comments or replies are limited to 1 photo.

To add a photo to a new post from your Web Browser (computer):

  • Save the photo to a location in your file system, such as your desktop or in your Pictures folder.  Let’s say the name of the picture file is Remy.jpg
  • Fill in the information required to start a new post
  • Click on the “Add photo or video” next to the camera icon.

Add a photo to a Nextdoor post














A window will pop up that shows your File System.  You can navigate to the location where your picture file is saved.  In this case, Remy.jpg is located on my desktop/Pictures folder.  So I will navigate to that location:

Then click on the Remy.jpg file (it will be selected), and click on the Open button.

Upload a picture to Nextdoor











The photo is now shown in the bottom left hand corner of the post.  You can go ahead and click the Post button and the photo will be posted along with your text.

Nextdoor post with photo








If you made a mistake and uploaded the wrong photo, you can click the “x” in upper right hand corner of the image thumbnail, and the file will be removed.

How do I create a bookmark on the browser bar which goes across the top of the screen?2019-12-04T15:36:29-08:00

Do you wonder how to add, move, delete icons & links from the bar that goes across the top of the Chrome Browser?

Chrome Bookmark Bar












That menu bar across the top of the Chrome Browser is really just a bunch of “bookmarks”.  So how does it work?

The first icon that is the 3×3  square of colored dots, is the “Google Apps” menu.  If you click on it, you will see this:

Google Apps









The next icon is my link to my SEMrush Academy, a website that I use frequently.  Next is the Snow & Weather report website for Tahoe Donner, and so on.

So how do you create a new bookmark?

  • Navigate to the website that you want to bookmark. Let’s use for this example
  • Then click on the little star icon in the upper right corner of the address bar.  This will bring up the following box, asking you where you want to add the Bookmark.

Creating a bookmark in Chrome

















  • Put it in the Folder “Bookmarks bar” and click Done
  • If you already have more bookmarks than will fit across the bookmarks bar (like I do), then you will have click on the “>>” icon at the very right hand side of the bookmarks bar. When you click on that, “all” of your bookmarks that are not in folders (the subject of another FAQ) will be shown.  The last one in the list will be, as it was just added.  If you don’t have many bookmarks on the bookmark bar, then you will already see the Yahoo icon at the right most of your bookmarks.
  • When you see the Yahoo purple icon in the list (if you already have more bookmarks than will fit across the page), click and hold the mouse, and drag the purple icon to where you want to place it on the bookmarks bar.  In fact, you can click and hold on ANY of the icons, to change the order of the bookmark.  I put my my most used bookmarks closest to the left.

Moving a bookmark across the Bookmarks Bar in Chrome







  • Want to delete one of the bookmarks?  Put your cursor over the icon, right mouse click and select delete.
How do I get to the recovery options in Windows and when might I need to use them?2019-12-04T15:37:17-08:00

If your system doesn’t restart normally, and windows won’t boot up, there are a few things you can try.  You may be able to recover your system on your own.  If you are not comfortable with working with Windows advanced settings, Geekette is always happy to do this trouble shooting for you!

Windows 10 Advanced Options

Windows 10 Advanced Options

Windows 8 & 10 have consolidated boot options into a single screen named the “Advanced Options” menu.  This menu provides repair tools and options for changing Windows startup behavior.

This menu provides access to the System Restore and Repair Tools, and options for changing Windows Startup behavior.  You might want to change the way Windows starts up, such as booting into safe mode.

What can you do from this menu, and why would you do it?  Also, what you should probably NOT do, especially if you are uncomfortable with working with the Windows Settings and Operating system.  Some things are straight forward, and some things are very confusing.

Options you can use:

  • System Restore: You can use this option to restore to a previous version saved on your computer.  System restore lets you restore your Windows installation back to its last working state.  This restore point MUST have been saved earlier.  You can create a restore point at any time, but Windows automatically creates one once per week!  Phew!  Windows actually creates a restore point BEFORE it does an update.  So if your Windows update goes awry, you can always get back to where you were before it started!  This is safe to use even for the person not that comfortable with Windows.
  • System Image Recovery: This lets you restore a backup “image” of your PC.  Most people don’t create this system image file, so you most likely won’t use this option.  Unless you’ve been burned before and have been taught to create a system image and not rely on Windows automatic restore and you have it handy on external media (usually a DVD).  System Image Restore CANNOT BE USED ON A PC OTHER THAN THE ONE THAT CREATED IT.
  • Startup Repair: This is one option that you should take advantage of if your PC won’t boot Windows, and you’ve tried several times.  This launches an integrated repair tool, which automatically tries to fix startup problems.  It might work (sometimes DOES), and you’ve got nothing to lose if Windows just won’t boot on its own.  Before using this command, please call me so that we can walk through what’s happened so far.
  • Command Prompt: Nope, don’t use this one if you aren’t familiar with Windows command line environment, as you can actually get yourself into some trouble.  If you’re familiar with system troubleshooting and diagnostics, then go for it.
  • Startup Settings: Lets you access the various startup settings like “Safe Mode” in case you believe some malware or virus has been introduced.  Please call me first if you believe this to be the case, and have already run your anti-virus / malware programs.

How to get to this menu?

The easiest way to get to this menu is to hold the shift key down while clicking “restart”.  When you do this, the following options will be presented.  If your machine is in a state where you don’t have access to the “restart button” on the monitor, you can always use the power button on your laptop or desktop tower.

Windows restart optionsClick on the Troubleshoot option.

windows troubleshoot advanced optionsOn the Troubleshoot screen, you will have the option to choose the “Advanced Options” menu.

Just a word of warning, don’t use the “Reset this PC” options, until you have exhausted all other possibilities, and you are sure you have a backup of all of your files and photos.  This is sort of a “last resort” type of option.  I recommend calling me before using this.

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