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March 2020

Telemedicine – what is it and how do you prepare?

Telemedicine During the Coronavirus Pandemic - What is it and how do you prepare? Do you need help getting your computer or tablet or phone set up for “Telemedicine”??? Do you want to [...]

January 2020

News Bite 4

First 4 Change News Bite The Imagine Group Has Disbanded Imagine reached its goal and has identified new candidates to run for the Sierra Canyon Board.  These candidates are interested in making a significant [...]

December 2019

News Bite 3

We believe the Board and Management should focus on encouraging the use of the Lodge facilities, classes & groups, instead of taking these privileges away from the Residents.   We would like to elect new Board Members who restore these privileges and remove the unjust practices that are currently being imposed by the current Board.

November 2019

News Bite 2

Welcome back to the Imagine News Bite! A weekly summary of news bites related to the upcoming Sierra Canyon Board Election. Do you care who is elected to the Sierra Canyon Board this year, [...]

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